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A very busy year, but that's the way we like it !

Club Members 2004

Hosted the Salisbury Open Judo Championships Jan 04

Sunday Walk 4 The Stag Pub Jan 04

Hosted a Martial Arts News Group Meeting Feb 04

Sunday Walk 5 Broadstone Feb 04

Judo Demo Mar 04 (No Photos)

Trip to Shinning Cliff Youth Hostel Apr 04

Hosted a FAST course May 04 (No Photos)

Hosted the Salisbury Low Grades Open Judo Championships May 04

Club's 3rd Birthday Trip to Bowling and Laser May 04 (No Photos)

Club's 3rd Birthday Practice Session and Re-union Jun 04

The Three Peaks 24 hour Challenge Jun 04

Club Championship Jul 04

Samurai Mini-Mons Oct 04

Club Night Out (Peter's Birthday!) Oct 04

Southern Area Mini-Mons Oct 04

South Coast Orange and Under Nov 04

Brownie Demonstration Nov 04 (No Photos)

Hampshire Orange and Under Nov 04


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